Reisterstown Main Street - Streetscape Design Recommendations

Neighborhood Design Center- Streetscape plan

Study Purpose and Vision

Reisterstown, MD is a five block historic Main Street retail district in western Baltimore County. With origins in the 18th c. as an outpost between Baltimore City and western Maryland, the main street has a predominantly 19th c. architectural character and is home to boutiques, restaurants, and local services. Adjacent to lush, rolling horse country, it is a popular destination for bikers and day-trippers, while also meeting local needs.

Reisterstown Main Street seeks a streetscape plan, storefront design guidelines, and retail plan in order to define and enhance a community identity and improve its user experience for locals and bolster its popularity as a regional destination.

This proposed vision transforms streets that have marginalized people and public space since the mid 20th century into safe, inviting and vibrant places for people to walk, bike, gather, and socialize. Essential business operations can thrive in unison with the district’s pedestrian priority and safety goals. The resulting vision sets a new path forward that builds on the area’s strengths as a walkable community and uplifts its historical small town character.