"Reisterstown's Heritage Comes Alive: Unveiling the 'Wheels of Time' Sculpture at Reister’s Desire Park"

Last Updated 6/30/2024

"Unveiling History: 'Wheels of Time' Sculpture Enriches Reisterstown's Heritage at Reister’s Desire Park"

We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of "Wheels of Time" at Reister’s Desire Park! This captivating sculpture, crafted by renowned metalworker and sculptor Dave Scheper, is now a stunning addition to our community.

"Wheels of Time" narrates the rich history of Reisterstown, weaving together elements of our past and present. The wagon wheels evoke the transportation history of a town that was once a day's wagon journey to Baltimore. One hundred-year-old tractor wheels and a windmill pay homage to our agricultural roots. The line shaft pulleys represent the early industry, reminiscent of the blacksmith shop that once stood near the sculpture's location.

Come visit this magnificent piece and immerse yourself in the story of Reisterstown. Enjoy the beauty of "Wheels of Time" and celebrate our shared heritage.

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