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Honoring Historic Properties

John Reister and some members of Reisterstown's founding family joined RIA's family to commemorate the historic homes that continue to adorn Main Street.

​Just a day's horse ride from Baltimore City, John Reister thought an old Indian trail would be the perfect place for a tavern.

Hosting weary travelers, Mr. Reister and his family flourished along what we now know as Main Street, creating a town that bears his name. Our proud founder, his doting daughter and his son-in-law couldn't resist a return to Reisterstown to reminisce over their former homes and see all the progress we have made in capturing the charm of yesteryear.

Today's owners were also delighted to share their commitment to restoring these gems of history so that all of us, and our future generations, may continue to enjoy Main Street the way it was meant to be.

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