Building a Better Main Street in Historic Reisterstown

2017 Banner Competition Entries

We challenged you to design a banner that will entice Main Street commuters to stop, shop, stroll and dine in our historic district. And you delivered some very enticing entries ...

Judging from the entries received, there's a lot of creativity on Main Street -- creativity that will be on display to greet all those who travel through Reisterstown.

We're now reviewing these designs for a bold, simple and creative banner that will give commuters a reason to slow down and stop along this historic route.  The winning banner must be visible at a distance and engage the commuter while traveling. Each entry will be judged on originality, visual appeal, and impact.

The winning design will be displayed on banners throughout the Historic District for two years, and the artist will receive a grand prize of $500.00.

Check Back Soon for Our Announcement of the Winning Design!!!